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Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Dylan. Some may know me as Radix, Rttix, or Adnagaporp. I am from Middle-state New York, and I dabble in Film, Graphic Design and Photography. I have been creating short videos, artwork, and practicing photography since I was a child. I have experience in many Adobe programs, such as, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Premier. I am also fairly experienced in Sony Vegas, along with Final Cut for film editing. I use a Canon Rebel T3i with various lenses for shooting.




I have spent many years on YouTube finding the ins and outs of the system, figuring out how to broadcast my videos, and others'. After many years I have a very good understanding of Broadcasting, advertising, promoting, and making money off youtube using Google Adwords, Google Adsense, and other methods!




I have spent 2 years learning about Graphic Design and Film in DC BOCES. I also plan to seek further education in the field elsewhere.


So far I have done paid work for several individuals and businesses including Logo Design, Product Photography, T shirt Design, Commercials, Product Placement. Work has been done for several Varieties of Businesses/people including, DJ Be Nice, Roadkill T-shirts, Snorg Tees, and several other individuals.

My personal inspiration comes from animals and nature. Exotic animals, including salt-water reef tanks have always inspired me with their colors and movements. Many different animals have passed through my care and thus have been pieces I have used. 


Other inspirations is automobiles. It doesn't matter what it is, if It has a special feature or is in someway unique, You can bet I will be getting some good pictures of it.


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There is no set price, all work is per-project, and I understand financial situations are different for all.


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This site serves as my own personal portfolio, therefore many of my pictures and works may not be included.


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